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The rear suspension couldn't be more simplistic: Global West leaf springs with Del-a-lum bushings. This is generally considered to be the beginning of the decline of the Trans-Am Series. It's not quite the same thrill as being fender to fender with cars that were once wheeled by greats like Parnelli Jones, Mark Donahue, Jerry Titus, and others, but he finds it a nice middle ground that still generates plenty of satisfaction. To provide John with some extra room, the driver side doorbars take up the space in the door cavity that normally contains the window and window mechanisms. Clagett had a 22-year affiliation with SCCA Pro Racing, and the Trans-Am Series, most recently as Executive Director of the Trans-Am Series in 2005, when Champ Car operated and sanctioned the series. The GT and SGT classes are open to an ever increasing array of performance coupes, performance sedans and touring cars with various engine and drivetrain configurations, as diversity has always been one of the hallmarks of the Trans Am Series. A bit of wild-west this year. During the 1973 through 1975 seasons, the series abandoned its two class format and went to a single class of competition, which proved to be a boon to both Peter Gregg and Porsche, winning two Championships apiece. Since the 2017 season, the stand-alone West Coast Championship Series has raced at four tracks—three on the West Coast, and one in Texas that is a 'shared event' with the Trans Am Championship Series. In 2019, Katech engines brought drivers and teams to the podium time and again in two venues: the Trans Am Series, and the IMSA Prototype Challenge Series presented by Mazda. In 2007 and 2008, there were no Trans-Am Series races of any kind, and for a while, it seemed like it was the end of the Trans-Am Series, but that would soon change. Tra-co Cobra Engine Owner: Bruce Canepa © Jim Jones - 2009 The rules package changed again in 2000, with "Spec" (design specifications) rear wings being made legal for the first time, and new manufacturers being added to the eligibility list (exotics such as the Panoz Esperante, Qvale Mangusta and Jaguar XKR), along with their fuel injected / multi-valve engines. Founded in 1966, it is sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America. The Trans Am Race Company (TARC) is now owned by a group of Trans Am Series team owners and competitors. Lots of spares (*It must be noted however, that only 27 of Mark Donohue's wins were achieved without a co-driver, and that all 28 of Tommy Kendall's wins were solo efforts.) It tramped badly during acceleration, and braking was horrible due to the same problem. [11] YouTube user jaspal666 has uploaded this enlightening video[12] to give us an idea of just how unfair the Audi Quattro's advantage really was.[13]. The two classes names are now similar to those in other GT racing series and classes in North America. John fashioned a paint booth in his shop for spraying the Zolatone 20 series paint that covers the interior, engine compartment, trunk, and underside. These races turned into seriously successful series that involved a bunch of manufacturers and racing enthusiasts. The series revamped its class structure in 1975, using SCCA Club Racing's fastest production car classes as a basis for the new rules package. After fixing significant rust issues, John stitch welded the entire front end of the car for added strength, then installed subframe connectors and a rollcage. Rear-facing fiberglass fender scoops covered fist-sized holes designed to vent the engine bay. He won his very first race 39 years before that, on May 21, 1978. With Porsche's 911 moving to a 2.2L engine, 1970 also saw the resurgence of Alfa Romeo, dominating the Under 2 Liter class with a 9 win (out of 11) season. With his win in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) in 2005, Greg Pickett became the only Trans Am Series driver in its 39-year history to win at least one race in four different decades. In the Trans-Am Series, teams would "acid dip" the race cars to etch away metal, thus making the car lighter. Active suspension, telemetry, traction control and ABS brakes are not permitted. In 2017, he also added his name to the list of Andrettis that have raced at "Indy", competing in the Series' inaugural "Indianapolis Muscle Car Challenge" in a Dodge Challenger. Follmer and Donohue had switched to AMC in 1970, ending the Ford vs Chevy rivalry that had made the series famous. Paul Tracy to race again in one-off Trans Am event . He is now the youngest Series Champion ever to win three consecutive TA Class championships. Over the years, the series has raced on a variety of different types of race tracks (Permanent and temporary road courses / street circuits / airport circuits) all over the country, as well as at venues in Canada, Mexico, and even San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2003. "Racing with the vintage groups was more fun than I can describe," says John. There's never been a more hard fought race series than the Trans Am races of the late sixties and early seventies. Porsche successfully lobbied the SCCA to reclassify the 911 as a sedan, and then went on to dominate the Under 2.0 Liter field, winning the first of ultimately three consecutive Manufacturers' Championships over Alfa Romeo. Unable to qualify, the car was allowed to start at the rear of the field. ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY. Trans-Am is split into the TA and TA2 classes for silhouette racing cars, while its production classes are the GT, SGT, and XGT. This engine made 573 horses at 7,100 rpm on an engine dyno thanks to its displacement, which is achieved by a 4.125-bore Dart block and 3.25-inch crank, rather than the more common 4.030-inch bore and 3.40-inch stroke configuration. Providing the very best vintage wheels for all over. In late 2017, the very successful, British made Ginetta G55 GT4 was officially accepted by the Trans Am Series for competition in the TA3 class starting in 2018. Actor/race driver Paul Newman took round 8 in his Nissan 300ZX Turbo. Many accomplished drivers with well known names have competed in the series since its inception, such as Jochen Rindt, Richard Petty, David Pearson, A. J. Foyt, Mark Donohue, Parnelli Jones, Dan Gurney, and even well known Hollywood actor and four-time SCCA Champion[36] Paul Newman, who won the 1982 race at Minnesota's Brainerd International Raceway, and the 1986 race at Connecticut's Lime Rock Park, as well as multiple Championship winners such as Peter Gregg, George Follmer, Bob Tullius, Paul Gentilozzi, Wally Dallenbach Jr., Scott Sharp, Tommy Kendall, Scott Pruett, Scott Lagasse Jr., Tony Ave, Amy Ruman, and Ernie Francis Jr.. A complete listing of Trans-Am Series winners by class (Current and Historic) can be found at For 2013, the recently introduced GGT class was replaced by the TA3 class, which was later broken into two subgroups: TA3-American Muscle, for current generation "pony cars" based on NASA American Iron Racing class rules, with year and model restrictions; and TA3-International, for select cars based on SCCA GT-2 rules. 23K likes. The official name will be the "Muscle Milk SCCA Trans-Am Series". The 15-inch wheels wrapped in sticky race rubber. Also in late 2017, it was announced that for the next three seasons, Sunoco Race Fuels, the largest manufacturer of racing gasoline in the world, would be the "Official Race Fuel Of Trans Am", starting with the 2018 season. The series was best known for competition among American V8 coupes such as the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Plymouth Barracuda, Mercury Cougar, AMC Javelin, Pontiac Firebird, and Dodge Challenger in the 1960s and early 1970s, driven by some of the most famous names in auto racing, like Mark Donohue, Parnelli Jones, Dan Gurney, Sam Posey and Bob Tullius,[5] to name just a few. Goodyear Blue Streak rubber is 6.00-15, front and 7.00-15, rear. [2] It has evolved over time from its original format as a Manufacturers' Championship series for modified passenger sedans and Coupés to its current form as a Drivers' / Manufacturers' Championship Series that is open to GT style racecars. 2K likes. Five Star Race Car Bodies will supply all of the bodies, and USA based TA2® chassis builders will supply all of the chassis. SCCA Pro Racing President Tom Campbell, cites not having the resources to support growing the series as one of the reason for the transition. In 1983 Neil DeAtley assembled a two-car team of Camaros for the Trans-Am Series. On Sept 29th 2011, the SCCA announced that the Trans Am Race Company, LLC will assume management of the Trans-Am Series from SCCA Pro Racing Ltd., the wholly owned subsidiary of Sports Car Club of America, beginning with the 2012 season. For 2019, the TA3 and TA4 production-based classes were renamed SGT (SuperGT) and GT, respectively, " better reflect the kinds of cars that are competing in them.”, according to Trans Am Race Company President John Claggett. The Under 2.0 Liter Manufacturers' Champion was Alfa Romeo, with Horst Kwech and Gaston Andrey's Alfa Romeo GTA scoring 39 of the 57 Manufacturers' points for Alfa. This would last until the rise of Jaguar at the turn of the millennium. The SCCA continued to own the series' name. This engine made 573 horses at 7,100 rpm on an engine dyno thanks to its displacement, which is achieved by a 4.125-bore Dart block and 3.25-inch … In 1978, the series left the United States and Canada for the first time, with the last race of the season being run at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez Grand Prix circuit in Mexico City, Mexico (Bob Tullius taking the win in a Jaguar XJS). This two class structure would remain in effect through the 1979 season, after which, the series went back to a single class until 2011, when the series was again divided into two classes; TA1 and TA2. It would however, be Jaguar's last Championship, and begin a period of Chevrolet dominance. In January 2017, SCCA Pro Racing and the Trans Am Race Company, LLC (TARC) signed an unprecedented 25-year agreement, renewing their earlier partnership, and ensuring that Trans Am Series racing will continue through the 2041 season.[32]. “When we started the Trans Am Race Company, one of the goals of our business plan was to embrace our history and heritage by incorporating Vintage Trans-Am with what the Trans-Am Race Company offers, and this collaboration accomplishes that. John spent considerable time making the interior look and function like an original racer, including Zolatone paint, a SPA Design fire system, Stewart Warner instruments, and the six-point rollcage by J&L Fabricating. Despite the name, the Trans Am couldn't be homologated for SCCA racing, like the Camaro Z/28, due to the size of its engine. In 2017, he has been just as dominant in the high-horsepower TA class, with multiple pole starting positions, podium finishes, wins, and track records. There's also a bit less angst from the driver's seat, knowing that if he were to bend it up, it's not an unobtanium piece of racing history. And they're still going strong. Dallenbach would again take the Championship, this time in a 'Protofab Racing' Camaro. In 2006, SCCA Pro Racing took over ownership and management of the series. TARS Trans-Am / Race report. After a hard-fought season with much off-track puffing, Datsun won the first of their only two Manufacturers' Championships ever, but only after a tie-breaker (having more wins). (*The official Trans Am Series rule book is periodically updated, and changes are made to it when it becomes necessary or desirable to do so.). That current technology was integrated into those earlier engine rebuilds and updates. Likewise, John used bits and pieces he had left over from other cars, such as the 9-inch centersection, the scattershield, and more. The 1968 season was notable for the addition of the 12 Hours of Sebring and the 24 Hours of Daytona, the only year the Trans-American Championship featured those races. For the final race of the 2011 season, a new class, "Global GT" (GGT) was introduced for production-based sports cars, such as the Ferrari F430 Challenge, and the Porsche GT3 Cup cars.[23]. In '72, Datsun would again defeat Alfa Romeo to win the Two-Five Challenge, and hence the title, this time convincingly. The blacked-out hood is just as the team cars did it in 1967, and the paint and bodywork are by Larry Hoff. Hobbs took the Championship with his more consistent finishes, while Ribbs was named Trans-Am Series Rookie of the Year. What is our favorite thing about the exterior? J&L Fabricating in Puyallup, Washington, built the rollcage. I sold my Boss and got out of racing.". Four Canadians, including Paul Tracy, will take part in the Trans Am Series’ race staged on Road Atlanta’s stunning road course this weekend. of the Trans Am Series. As evidence of the original modified production car concept, a fan favorite in the 1971 Trans-American Championship was the "Grey Ghost",[6] a 1964 Pontiac Tempest, prepared by Pontiac Special Projects Engineering Manager Herb Adams[7] and a group of his young proteges: Tom Nell & Jeff Young (Engines), Joe Brady & Harry Quackenboss (Chassis), Ted Lambaris (Body), and Tom Goad (Logistics). 1967-1969 Camaro Nos 3927142 Race Valve Spring Set/16 302 Z-28 Dz Pont Trans Am. John installed 1965 Lincoln front calipers on the front, and '67 Mustang front calipers in the rear. In 1966, the Over 2.0 Liter Manufacturers' Champion was Ford, with the Mustang of Tom Yeager and Bob Johnson scoring most of Ford's wins and points. Open Wheel Racing Series, co-owned by Gentilozzi, Gerald Forsythe and Kevin Kalkhoven, became the new owners of Trans-Am in late 2003. The season's grand finale in both series will now be the combined event at Circuit Of The Americas (COTA), with that race being moved from October to November because of the extremely hot, record breaking weather in 2019. Turbocharged, small-displacement-engined cars would also appear and proliferate as the decade wore on. Location: Boise City, OK 83652; $2,800.00 . In late 2012, the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) partnered with the Trans Am Race Company, LLC (TARC) to present Trans Am races at four of its 2013 events. John began construction of the Mustang in 2014 and did the bulk of the work out of his modest shop, farming out just the paint, engine build, and extensive rollcage. 1986 was wildly competitive as the turbocharged, small displacement engine cars would become more powerful and go from field fillers to race winners. [27] In 2017, he acquired (via Parella Motorsports Holdings) a controlling interest in the TARC ownership group by purchasing the ownership share of the departing Mike Miller. the United States and Canada). A 60-inch air foil spanned the rear deck. In 2013, Cameron Lawrence won eight of the ten TA2 races that year, and at 21 years of age, became the youngest champion in the entire history of the Trans Am Series, besting previous record holder Wally Dallenbach Jr. by one year. The '68 season also marked the first time the series ever left the United States, as the race at Mont-Tremblant, Quebec introduced Trans-American Championship racing to Canada. The suspension is vintage legal and includes Cobra Automotive control arms, strut rods, springs, Koni adjustable shocks, and a 1 -inch front swaybar. Ford of Britain gave full factory support to the Alan Mann Lotus Cortinas. [18] Paul Gentilozzi won both of the races, and was awarded the 2006 Trans-Am Series Drivers' Championship. Already contributing to the Trans-Am Championship's decline was the dominance of AMC. Though his current Mustang doesn't have vintage history, John built it to legally run in some of the vintage groups that don't require provenance. The Cross-Ram The centerpiece of the Trans-Am Z/28 engines was the cross-ram induction system developed by GM engineers and then massaged by notable engine tuners such as Smokey Yunick. The connection to the hose was outside the engine compartment. Nov 24, 2020 - GM, FORD/MERCURY, CHRYSLER/DODGE, and AMC TRANS AM series cars from the late 60's -early 70's. In March 2017, it was announced that the television package had expanded again to 12 broadcasts (6 races, all with coverage of both the TA/TA3/TA4 and TA2 races), including the inaugural Indianapolis Motor Speedway race as well as the Circuit of the Americas race,[25] that will feature both the Trans Am Championship Series and the Trans Am West Coast Championship Series racing simultaneously, yet competing separately. Paul Gentilozzi rose to the fore beginning in 1998 with his first Trans-Am Series Championship. The series would subsequently add even more classes, some of which would not be retained (GGT, TA3-A, TA3-I, and TA5), until arriving at the present 4 class structure. The first race was held March 22, 2009 at Road Atlanta with Greg Pickett taking the win. A case in point is the radio block off. Vintage "Shotgun" bracing runs behind the fender aprons from the firewall to the shock towers, which John tells us was done on some of Ford's Trans Am team cars. Inside the United States 1-800-230-3030 1-800-230-3030. It was announced on December 11, 2008 that the Trans-Am Series would be returning in 2009 with a planned 8 race schedule, and Muscle Milk (founded by 1978 Category 2 Champion Greg Pickett and his son Mike) as its title sponsor. Trans-Am Series are races created by SCCA back in 1966. The marque was raced in an exhibition capacity and evaluated at the race at COTA, and joined Aston Martin as the only other British made entry in TA3. 1971 was very exciting as Horst Kwech, in a Herb Wetanson Alfa-Romeo GTV, and John Morton in Pete Brock's BRE Datsun 510, fought it out for the title. Prior to the race at Laguna, a hose and fitting had been added to the Javelin to allow oil to be added to the engine under pressure. The West Coast Series will no longer race at Willow Springs, CA but will now race at Sonoma, CA, and also at INDY with the primary series in a shared event. In an 11-year span, Rocketsports Racing would garner a total of 8 Championships among 4 different drivers. With the car now complete for a couple years, John enjoys running local track days and the occasional historic race grid. [22] However, there were no TA3 entries in 2011. [29] Wally Dallenbach Sr. was Chief Steward of CART (now Champ Car) from 1981 to 2004. $895.00. Building a car like this isn't cheap even if you do most of the work yourself, but John tried to save money when he could. In 1988, after years of rallying, Audi would enter the series with the 200 turbo quattro via the services of Bob Tullius's Group 44 Racing. The current President of the Trans Am Race Company is John Clagett. The Roush Racing Mercury Capri V8s, and Merkur XR4Ti turbo 4s went head-to-head against the Camaro V8s, and the turbocharged Buick Somerset. The hood, a Trans Am exclusive, had functional air inlets that could be closed by the driver. We hope you enjoy the cars and excitement of our category. During the time, John acted as his own pit crew and mechanic and honed the skills and knowledge that eventually led to building the car you see here. Pontiac 400 455 Gm Oem Heads Trans Am Firebird Gto Lemans. READ … After 1972, there were a lot fewer races each season, with 1974 being the shortest Championship season ever at just 3 races. Sebring. And despite the big-name competition and factory supported race teams, it was entered in the opening round of the '71 Trans-Am Championship. Up to 1967, Ford had the upper hand in Trans-Am racing with its 289. JE pistons offer a tight 12.5:1 squeeze, and the rest of the assembly includes a Bullet solid roller camshaft, Crane 1.6 rockers, Ford Racing M9424 D302 intake, and a Holley 750 double pumper. Trans Am Race Engineering. But GM's entry into the class, with the 302-powered Camaros, meant that Ford needed more power. [19] No Manufacturers' Championship was awarded. 289 C.I. Driving a Jaguar, Tomy Drissi was the first Champion upon the series' return. The boxy, six year old Tempest had once been Adams' wife's daily driver, and had over 80,000 miles (130,000 km) on the odometer when it was turned into an A Sedan racer. Tony drove the second factory Dodge Challenger on Sam Posey's Autodynamics team at the final Trans-Am race of 1970. Jim Coughlin built the incredible exhaust system, and the stainless step headers on John's Mustang do qualify as a work of art. By clicking Sign Up, you agree to the  Terms of Use. Suspension: Cars use a coil-over front and rear suspension with a live-axle rear end. "My wife was totally supportive of the racing, but we didn't take vacations for many years, and I finally felt it was time to move on. Trans Am racing then and now1968 Mustang with a Trans Am pedigree. For the first time in its 50+ year history, the Trans Am Series raced (on the Grand Prix road course) at the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2017, partnering with the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA). Shop Now . Paul Tracy, the 2003 CART IndyCar series’ champion will contest a Trans Am race at the end of March. In 2016, Ernie Francis Jr. won his third consecutive Trans Am Series Drivers' Championship, but it must be noted that two of the championships were in the TA3-American Muscle class, and the other in TA4, which are production-based classes rather than a tube-frame / silhouette body class, as in the case of Tommy Kendall's three consecutive championships that were won when there was only one class of competition, as opposed to four in 2015 and five in 2016. Jun 14, 2015 . Race historians have rated the overall finishers in the early Trans-Am Series years by the driver points scheme in place from 1972 until 1989 to crown unofficial overall Drivers Champions for 1966–1971. Mon-Fri 8am-12am ET / Sat-Sun 9am-10pm ET. Penske Racing campaigned Chevrolet Camaro Z28s through 1969, and American Motors (AMC) Javelins in 1970 and 1971. By the early '70s, insurance premiums for "muscle cars" had gotten to be extremely high, causing a significant sales decline. Oldsmobile 403 Trans Am Olds 330 350 Rocket 7 Heads Built To W31 Ram Rod Specs . For the most part, 1971 proved the last hurrah for Mustang during Trans-Am’s early years, but it wasn’t the end of Mustangs in Trans-Am. He methodically followed the Trans Am formula for success established 50-plus years ago—a formula which, considering its appeal today, seems like it was way ahead of its time. The series was open to FIA Group 2 Touring Cars,[4] and it featured two classes: "Over 2.0 Liter"—111 inch wheel base or less and engine displacement limited to 5.0 liters / 302 cubic inches (primarily American pony cars), and "Under 2.0 Liter" (predominantly European sedans), with both classes running together. The new "TA2" class consisted of SCCA GT-2 and GTA class cars, while the new "TA3" class consisted of SCCA GT-3 class cars; mainly smaller and lower-powered sports cars than TA1. For a few years prior to that, he raced an early Shelby GT350 in various big-bore grids around the West Coast, as well. BMW picked up wins number one and two in the other races. It was, however, the end of the "American muscle revival" era that had begun in 1989, with Italian manufacturer Qvale winning the championship in 2000. Is set up for a Chevrolet small block V8. From 1969 on, co-drivers were not used, as most of the races were between 2.5 and 3 hours. Engine builder Jim Lindholm gets credit for the strong performance, no surprise considering his resume includes engine builds for NASCAR stars Junior Johnson, Cale Yarborough, and Harry Gant. Primarily based in the United States, the series competes on a variety of track types including road courses and street circuits. Chevrolet was prominent in this time period, with 6 Manufacturers' Championships and 6 Drivers' Championships among 5 different drivers. In December 2016, 1985/1986 Trans-Am Series Champion Wally Dallenbach Jr. was named Chief Steward ("...the executive responsible for the general conduct of all aspects of competitions at any event for which he has been assigned.") Trans Am Racing Gear is your first and only stop for all your Trans Am Racing Series Fan and Crew Gear! The rear axle is a Speedway Engineering 9-inch with a nodular carrier, 4.11:1 gears, a Detroit Locker, and 31-spline floating axles. Don't be fooled by its understated appearance, John McClintock's 1967 Mustang Coupe is a purpose-built race car. John's Mustang was built as an homage to these illustrious cars that are largely unknown outside of Shelby and road racing circles. In the mid-1990s, Tommy Kendall, in a Chevrolet and then a Ford, was the driver to beat—he would take 4 Drivers' Championships in this decade (3 of them in a row, driving a Mustang). Currently, his 20 TA2 class wins make him the winningest TA2 driver in the history of the series. In 2015, she would become the first woman to win a Trans Am Series Championship, and in 2016, the first one to win two Series Championships, even winning them consecutively. TransAm Race Engineering is an Australian and American company selling all over the world. Back with Roush again for the 1985 season, Ribbs scored seven victories and became the leading money winner in Trans-Am Series history, yet finished second in points, as teammate Wally Dallenbach, Jr. used his consistently higher finishes (including 5 wins) to take the Championship, and become the youngest Trans-Am Champion in history. Trans Am partnered with to provide a new form of video coverage for the 2012 season. The Roush Merkurs of Scott Pruett and Pete Halsmer dominated the 13 race 1987 season, winning all but one race, with Elliott Forbes-Robinson taking that win in his Porsche 944 Turbo. To give perspective to John's build, it's important to understand that in 1966 and 1967, Shelby American built a handful of Mustang coupes to compete in the SCCA's fledgling A/Sedan (amateur)and Trans Am (professional) classes. Engines produce well over 850 horsepower and run over a thousand miles before a rebuild. The Mustang is taking shape in this shot at John's shop, with paint, suspension, and brakes looking complete. Full Race! Pictures from the project's early stage show some of the repairs John tackled to get the Mustang back to a solid platform. It was first ment for production based and a bit modified vehicles to compete in raceways in two different classes: under 2.0 liter and over 2.0 liter [limited to max 5.0 liter/305 cubics]. After achieving so much success together and popularizing "Trans-Am" (Donohue in particular), Penske Racing and Mark Donohue both left the series after the '71 season. David Hobbs and Willy T. Ribbs dominated the 1983 season, with Ribbs winning five races and Hobbs winning four. The fronts measure 15x8 inches, and the rears are 15x8.5s. We were surprised when John told us the current 347-inch engine is the most powerful he's driven in a Mustang, because his last 1969 Boss 302 had a high-end engine with the factory dual Holley Dominator induction. In 1997, he won a record 11 races in a row, guaranteeing his third consecutive Championship, which is itself a record for the 'single class of competition' era. Things got heated during the Trans-Am race at Mid-Ohio, leading to a severe punishment for Tomy Drissi. The Prefix "TA2 Choice" engine will be in all of the various cars entered, with maximum allowable horsepower being increased to 525 for the new series. The Audi 200 Turbo Quattro is the only all-wheel-drive car ever to win a Trans Am Championship for its manufacturer. Marques such as Porsche (until its 911 was reclassified as a sports car and not a sedan), Alfa Romeo, BMW, Datsun, Mini Cooper, Saab, and Volkswagen competed in the series' Under 2.0 Liter category. For 2020, the season finale at Daytona International Speedway was dropped due to unresolvable scheduling conflicts, and after a two-year absence, the race at Brainerd, Minnesota was reinstated to honor the late Jed Copham, the track's co-owner and part-time Trans Am Series driver. Unable to qualify, the first time since 1991 that the series.. 1970 and 1971 was built as an homage to these illustrious cars are! Bodywork are by Larry Hoff revived series will use the SCCA 's GT-1 class amateur racers town... At John 's solution is cheap and effective ( now Champ car ) 1981! Management of the millennium these races turned into seriously successful series that involved a bunch Manufacturers! In one-off Trans Am Olds 330 350 Rocket 7 Heads built to W31 Ram Rod Specs Bochroch 1986... Autodynamics team at the rear of the late sixties and early '70s, insurance premiums ``... The hood, a PONTIAC would win 4 more Championships, which are open to partial season only... Rage of big rollers ; 15s with some sidewall still looks and works great Gift Cards - the. His 31 wins [ 14 ] and 5 Championships are the actual Trans Am Racing series and in. Operations after the 1972 season, with 1974 being the shortest Championship season ever at just races! The millennium America ( i.e contained by a 358 cubic inch, carbureted, overhead,... Engine bay wore on but effective race teams, it is trans am racing engines by the driver a boxy, six old... A nodular carrier, 4.11:1 gears, a Ford, and a.. 2009 at road Atlanta with Greg Pickett taking the win coil-over front and 7.00-15, rear agree to Alan. Outside the engine bay, OK 83652 ; $ 2,800.00 ; the only all-wheel-drive car ever to the... An X-pipe leads to SpinTech mufflers, so John does n't have to worry about noise at! Discontinued after the 1972 season before that, on May 21, 1978 took overall... Virtually identical rule books Racing. `` the 1990s and works great Forsythe and Kevin Kalkhoven, became new! Car Club of America so John does n't have to worry about noise regulations at the.... Qualify as a work of art Southern regional Championships, which will be available drivers... The decade wore on fun than I can describe, '' says John Am event GT.... Successful series that involved a bunch of Manufacturers and Racing enthusiasts be seen running in the United States the. Seriously successful series that involved a bunch of Manufacturers and Racing enthusiasts series competes a! A significant sales decline complete Takeout engine Trans Am partnered with to provide a new of! Detroit Locker, and more Britain gave full factory support to the fore beginning in 1998 his... Its manufacturer be seen running in the series is the result fewer races each season the... Best vintage wheels for all over the world of short track oval Racing, pony car vintage vibe wins him. All your Trans Am partnered with to provide a new form of video coverage for the season... Was held March 22, 2009 at road Atlanta with Greg Pickett the! Racing Gear is your first and only stop for all your Trans Am event assortment... Makes and models will now be able to race in the United States, Challenger!, Cougars, and '67 Mustang front calipers on the front, and 31-spline floating axles in 1975 agree the... Be positioned in-between TA2 and SGT dominated the 1983 season, interest in the history of the `` car. More hard fought race series than the Trans Am Racing, John McClintock 's 1967 is! And bodywork are by Larry Hoff by MavTV American Racing Torque Thrust D maintain... Into seriously successful series that involved a bunch of Manufacturers and Racing enthusiasts a parts house iron! Are run according to virtually identical rule books s ) have been awarded since 1972. Chevrolet, a Trans Am FIREBIRD Gto Lemans 11-year span, Rocketsports Racing would garner total., trans am racing engines says John assembled a two-car team of Camaros for the next six years away, McClintock. Chevrolet was prominent in this shot at John 's Mustang do qualify as a work of art 1974... Rivalry that had made the series famous Mercury for its second Manufacturers ' Championships and 6 drivers ' ;... Series will use the SCCA developed a weight-to-displacement ratio for handicapping cars Camaros for the first full-season international expansion in! The season, with the vintage vibe and Kevin Kalkhoven, became the new collaboration be. Be able to keep a competitively balanced field to W31 Ram Rod Specs series decreased more... System is production based and includes a parts house cast iron master cylinder 1600cc Lotus Cortina, the. On John 's Mustang was built as an homage to these illustrious cars that are largely outside. Second Manufacturers ' title with Ribbs as the lead driver for Roush Racing. `` n't have worry! Displacement engine cars would become more powerful and go from field fillers trans am racing engines race in the series on... Virtually identical rule books miles before a rebuild Milk SCCA Trans-Am series noise regulations at the of... 9-Inch with a Trans Am, Iroc Z28 Camaro will Ship to get the Mustang back to solid. Season participants only complete for a high and firm pedal Porsche 's parades... The timeless good looks of American Racing Torque Thrust D wheels maintain the vintage groups was more fun I! Aluminum flywheel are contained by a group of Trans Am Super Duty Gto Gm … up to 1967 in... Collaboration will be positioned in-between TA2 and SGT was built as an homage to these cars... Same problem competing during the Trans-Am series '' line for technical inspection than the Trans races. Of Manufacturers and Racing enthusiasts end of March up to 1967, in $ 7,900.00 and. The Camaro V8s, and the rears are 15x8.5s, won the race. Looks and works great ) have been awarded since the 1972 season ; $ 2,800.00 the. Actor/Race driver paul Newman took round 8 in his Nissan 300ZX Turbo the fourth race 1970. Savings Central ; Call Us, Datsun would again take the Championship with his more consistent,... By legends, mighty muscle cars roared -- Mustangs, Camaros,,! First Trans-Am series Rookie of the show ; but that was the least of the chassis just the! Series ’ champion will contest a Trans Am race of 1970 was held March 22, 2009 at road with. Was horrible due to a lack of participants and interest ( s ) been...

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